Jewellery, Fashion and Design Styling Tips for Beginners

Deciding to change your dressing style can be a big challenge. However, it is not impossible if you know where to look for inspiration. Creating a fashionable outfit in line with your desired style may be difficult in the beginning, but as you advance, you are going to find the pleasure in composing awesome outfits and in accessorising them with the best jewellery pieces. Accessories are the antidote to boredom and we are here to help you chase the boredom away.

What You Can Expect To Find Here

Endless Plain is a website about style and fashion, a site that aims at keeping you up to date with modern trends in jewellery and fashion. We publish all these tips and trends with the desire to be useful to our readers. We hope you are going to come back to us each time you need a good piece of advice regarding what to wear or how to match the jewellery with various pieces of clothing.

Fashion Jewellery Tips

When choosing your jewellery, you have to keep in mind that not everything that looks gorgeous on other people will look good on you. If you are petite, you shouldn’t go for huge piece of jewellery that look stunning on fashion models or on tall and robust celebrities. If your fingers are small, wearing a huge ring will make your hand look hilarious rather than elegant. On the contrary, if you are tall and you have long fingers, you could try some of those massive necklaces that are so fashionable today.

There one thing to remember when you put together an outfit for an event or for any other occasion: you need a focus point, a statement piece that would draw all looks. If you wear a necklace with a big pendant, choose the other pieces of jewellery rather small and simple. If you choose a pair of stunning chandelier earrings, don’t wear them with other massive items, as you are going to look more like a jewellery display than a well-dressed woman.

Tips on Mixing and Matching Colours

When you buy your accessories, it’s best to do it with specific outfits in mind. If you don’t have a big budget to invest in jewellery and fashion, you may want to stick to neutral colours for your accessories. This way you are going to be able to match them with almost all your outfits. Neutral tones such as white, black, caramel or grey should be worn with contrasting colours in order to create a pleasant effect.

Rules are Meant to be Broken

Last but not least, always assess for yourself the way an outfit looks. If you find it appropriate, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Dare to be different, but make sure you do it in style.

We, at Endless Plain, are supporting you from the bottom of our heart on your way to shape up your style. We are here for you and we welcome all questions and suggestions from our readers.